Trending in 2015

2New year, new trends! 2015 is all about chic combinations that harmonize older touches with modern styles to showcase a space with inviting culture and comfort. Reinventing versatility, serenity, unorthodox recycling and luxury contrast are among the hottest trends coming this year.
Combining classic patterns with ethnic pieces, retro styles with modern bold statements and bringing exotic motifs indoors are just a few of the most popular ways to create personality in your interior. If you are looking to liven up the area, try mixing antiques with industrial woods or metal details.

  1. Merging styles, textures and patterns
  2. Modern decorating materials (salvaged wood, metal and stone, exotic wood, bronze, elegant granite, marble, glowing gold)
  3. Adding contrast to neutrals and pastels with modern colors
  4. Natural themes and organic patterns
  5. Retro style with modern touches (geometrical prints with handwritted meaningful words on contemporary walls)
  6. Reused and upcycled
  7. Versatile design (natural inspired, reconnect interior to outdoors, inviting vibe)
  8. Mixed metals and mediums, monochromatic palettes, bold glossy blue, Olive greens with bold contrasting color, black and white with multiple toned “pops,” pastel hues paired with renaissance motif.

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Modern interior trends 2015 reinvent classy luxury, serenity, creative recycling and versatility in furniture design and interior decorating. Modern interior design trends 2015 include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, traditional and new materials, fresh decorating colors, exotic motifs, ethnic decoration patterns, artistic details and surprising blend of textures.
Modern interiors, where contemporary design ideas are combined with a gilded antiques,velvet and silk or carved wood accents are mixed with industrial metal details, look stylish, original and unique. Modern interior trends reflect the desire to establish a vivid and memorable way of creating bold and interesting work or living space that have personality.
Latest color design trends reflect stylish fashion design and consumer trends, bringing innovations, mixing trend analysis, versatility and unexpected solutions into stylish home furnishings and modern interior design.

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We asked 11 top designers to predict the design color trends of the upcoming year. From olive greens and bright patterns, to “Monet meets Molly Ringwald,” these chic combinations may be the next big thing.

Sour Green With Blue: “We thought a lot about color trends as we were designing our Duralee fabric line and we love a little sour green mixed in with anything—here, vibrant versions of classic blue and green have a fresh, bold look.”
Olive Green: “Olive greens will be popular in 2015—I just did a kitchen with olive cabinets and it looks wonderful. The shade is warm, organic, and neutral for almost any other color you pair with it.”
Warm Tones: “I’m seeing warmer, muddy colors start to come back into vogue. I can’t get enough of rust, olive, dusty mint, and aubergine—and I still like a splash of bright color thrown on top though, just to keep things exciting!”
Dynamic Parings: “For 2015, pair the classics with unexpected accents to make the scheme dynamic and vibrant—I love black, grey and white with splashes of red, and brown, blue, and green with orange citrus tones.”
Pastel Palettes: “I’ll be looking back to the pastel palette of LA in the 80s—optimistic color combinations of orange and purple sunsets, green palm trees, aqua pools, and pink flamingos. It’s a muted palette with shocks of neon—Monet meets Molly Ringwald.”
Renaissance-Inspired:“The combinations of greens, plums, cerulean blue, beiges and whites- and the mixing of patterns and textures, as seen in many Renaissance paintings.”
Glossy Blue:“I’m seeing a lot of deep rich blues with a glossy finish—often paired with white for a surprisingly modern twist on a classic.”

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